scars remain

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even if its a long time ago when we were together, i still cant forget u. i had many boyfriends & no one could ever replace u. because only u can make me feel this way. things have changed but my feelings havent.. i thought i could forget u but i cant. i know its not good when we talk.  i could fight or try to REALLY forget u. i dont know what is right. i let my heart decide..
11.2.08 21:12

you're transparent (:
4.10.07 15:34

I hate the fact that I think about you
I hate that I can't sleep without you
I just can't get over not making love to you
I never thought that we'd end up like this
And heaven knows that my heart just can't take ..
Damn for sure .. I know right now

30.9.07 15:13


neew. closed!1
25.9.07 20:44

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